School Resource Officer SWD Challenge

by Chad Baus

3:55PM Monday, September 28 2020

by Ron Borsch

Raising awareness! First, it is key for parents, teachers, school administrators, SRO’s and other stake-holders to have a good ... Read More

Evil walks the Earth

by Chad Baus

4:42PM Monday, December 16 2019

December 14, 2019, marked the seventh anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting – tragically, we still have a lot of work to do to protect our children from evil.

WTRF (CBS Wheeling/Steubenville) is reporting that another Ohio board of education has voted to allow school staffers the ability to carry concealed firearms to protect their students.

New Philadelphia, OH's Times Reporter reported this week that the Garaway Board of Education has passed a resolution to allow for armed staff at Garaway Schools.

WTAP (NBC Parkersburg, WV) reported recently that the Warren Local Schools board of education has voted to approve the concealed arming of staff members.

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FASTER Trauma Training put to use TWICE in May

by Joe Eaton

8:58PM Tuesday, May 28 2019

The month of May was national 'Stop the Bleed' month and staff from two different schools had to use the training and equipment they received from FASTER Saves Lives in two different emergencies!

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