FASTER 3 Years and Growing

by Joe Eaton

9:16AM Thursday, August 13 2015

FASTER 3 Year Review Buckeye Firearms Foundation's (501c3) Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response (FASTER) program is approaching the end of it's third full year Read More

Good Guy with a Gun: The Arming of Teachers in America

by Jim Irvine

10:21AM Monday, May 11 2015

In the wake of the Sandy Hook massacres in Newtown, Connecticut, Buckeye Firearms Foundation announced that we would pay for a trial course for teachers and school staff to be trained by John Benner of Tactical Defense Institute. The response ... Read More

Colorado Pushes for Armed School Staff

by Joe Eaton

2:26PM Sunday, March 8 2015

Patrick Neville was a 15-year-old sophomore at Columbine High School in 1999. He was on his way to a fast food lunch when the shooting started. Two students, armed with guns and pipe bombs, had stormed the Colorado school, on their ... Read More

FASTER Saves Lives at BASA “Are you prepared?” conference

by Jim Irvine

2:34PM Saturday, March 7 2015

This week the Buckeye Association of School Administrators (BASA) holds its “Are you prepared?” school facilities and safety conference in Columbus, Ohio. FASTER Saves Lives will be on hand at booth 40 near the BASA registration desk. We will have trauma ... Read More
Buckeye Firearms Foundation (501c3) president Jim Irvine introduces the Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response (FASTER) Program

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