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Jim Irvine a SAF “Defender of Liberty” award winner

by Chad Baus

6:17PM Monday, October 5 2015

Buckeye Firearms Association is proud to announce that our president, Jim Irvine, has been recognized by the Second Amendment Foundation for his tireless service to the cause of gun rights.

Irvine was awarded SAF's 2015 "Defender of Freedom Award" by SAF founder Alan Gottlieb at the recent Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC). 

Speaking of the honor, Gottlieb said "The accomplishments of Jim Irvine defending the Second Amendment have not gone unnoticed. He is recognized from coast to coast as one of the key grassroots leaders by his piers in the national gun rights movement. Ohio is very lucky to have him."

In receiving the award, Irvine noted that “I get to stand here and receive the award and applause, but this was really earned by all my teammates who do the work day in and day out to make us effective. Thanks to all our supporters and volunteers who make organization successful."

A total of six people were awarded the “Defender of Liberty” award:

  • Andy Alan, President, Nebraska Firearms Owners Political Action Fund
  • Sean Caranna, Co-Executive Director, Florida Carry Inc.
  • David Hardy, Esq.
  • Jim Irvine, President, Buckeye Firearms Association
  • Alexander Roubian, President, New Jersy Second Amendment Society
  • Paul Valone, President, Grass Roots North Carolina

Alan Gura, Esq., of Heller and McDonald fame, was given a Lifetime Achievement Award. Gottlieb noted that he hoped he was giving the award prematurely. I think every freedom-loving American feels the same way.

The Nevada Firearms Council recognition as the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) Grassroots Organization of the Year award this year. Buckeye Firearms Association was given the same honor in 2007 and again in 2011.

Grassroots Activist of the Year was awarded to Fred Dahnke of the Arizona Citizens Defense League.

Dr. John Lott Jr. won an award for the scholar who has done great research. Lott continues to excel in this category and has given us all the ammunition we need to win any debate on the issues related to firearms and crime.

The Illinois State Rifle Association won the “Affiliate of the Year” award. The ISRA has won this award more than any other state association. The fact that most people thought Illinios would never pass “shall issue,” but now they have it, is proof of the great and tireless work they have done.

CCRKBA's Gun Rights Defender of the Year – an award Irvine received in 2012 – was given to Mark Walters of Armed American Radio. Mark hosts a syndicated radio show on Sunday evenings. Demand has been so strong that he now does an hour show every weekday so listeners can get their daily dose of freedom.

Legislator of the Year honors went to Governor Greg Abbot of Texas. Governor Abbot signed bills to allow open carry in Texas and concealed carry on college campus. He also helped with fundraiser to help fund the various work the SAF does. Gottlieb noted that Abbot was a “leading governor pushing gun rights anywhere in the United States.”

"It is an honor to be mentioned with the other award winners," Irvine continued. "When you spend a day in the room with such people, it is easy to see why our movement has been so successful over the past couple decades, and why we are gaining momentum.”

The awards were given is the “Awards Luncheon” where Gottlieb recognizes people and organizations for their work and commitment to the Second Amendment.

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