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FASTER stands for:
Faculty/Administrator Safety Training & Emergency Response

We believe that while there are many things we can do to help deal with deadly violence at schools, it is imperative that we allow teachers and administrators to respond quickly and effectively. That means having at least a few armed and properly trained personnel on scene, so schools are no longer “victim zones.”

John Benner of Tactical Defense Institute (TDI) developed the curriculum for a standardized training program that schools can adopt nationwide.  The FASTER Saves Lives program is open to and applicable for schools/churches/businesses/public. If you want to prepare yourself and your staff to respond effectively to violence, we have a class for you.

Armed Staff/Individuals
Armed staff training begins with a foundations class. Our one-day FASTER Foundations class ensures you have the foundational skills you need to perform at our Level 1 class. The Level 1 class then includes three days of firearm, general crisis/emergency management, and trauma medical training. After Level 1, we have a Level 2 course available to those students the following year.

Applicants will need to provide their own transportation, food and ammunition. Much of the FASTER class tuition (while funds are available by grants) and lodging for those in the K-12 environment is paid by Buckeye Firearms Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity.

Ohio schools are required to meet an annual 8-hour curriculum, reiterating portions of the 3-day course, including a firearms proficiency test.

Run/Hide/Fight FASTER – Less Than Lethal Response

  • Onsite-training for your entire staff via APEX Shooting and Tactics LLC “Sheepdog Program”.
    • Identify those with the “Sheepdog mindset” and empower students with the knowledge and realistic options that can save lives during an active killer event.
    • Security assessment of your campus, building and day-to-day business and activities.
    • Recommendations for basic security concerns.
    • Active killer response specifically tailored to the client based on the security assessment.
    • Instruction provided for the employees or members of your organization.
      • Instruction consists of classroom lecture, hands on training and several training scenarios

Stress Inoculated Training and Response
“Force on force”

Medical/Trauma Training

  • Basic – Learn how to treat multiple people with shooting/stabbing/blast injuries. You will learn the basics of tourniquet selection and use, chest seal application and wound packing. Your staff will be able to prioritize and begin immediate treatment of life-threatening extremity, junctional, and torso injuries. Class size is limited to provide every student hands-on training.
    • 3-4 hour class
    • Up to 30 people
    • $1,500  *Includes voucher for $300 in trauma supplies
  • Intermediate – Everything in the basic class plus additional hands on practice in ‘compromised’ areas, introduction to full MARCH triage protocol, transport and stanging area considerations
    • 7-8 hours
    • Up to 30 people
    • $3,000  *Includes voucher for $700 in trauma supplies


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This class provided the mental preparation to allow me to handle any crisis situation. The children who are entrusted to me need me to have this type of leadership skill.

Lisa – 3rd Grade Teacher

A veteran male training a middle-aged woman how to properly stand and aim her gun at a target.

I used to think it was acceptable to say it would never happen here. Then I realized every school where this has happened probably would have said the same thing right up until that last moment.

Scott – Vice Principal

If anyone has doubts about this program, take the class or just observe. I am a different person after this training.

Sandy – Guidance Counselor

In my 17 years of education, this was one of the best prepared classes I have been to … a great wealth of knowledge on how to safely protect our students.

Mark – Varsity Coach

Time is of the essence. Standing by and waiting to be rescued will only cost lives.

Mason – Librarian

FASTER isn’t just about firearms, it is about being prepared before, during and after a violent event. I feel confident I am better prepared to save lives before, during and after. I am changed thanks to this training.

Julie – Secretary