HB99 Authorization Checklist

To authorize a staff member or others to carry a firearm in a school, the school board must ensure all requirements detailed in HB99 are met.  Please consult your school attorney for specifics on all these items.
  • Authorized person must attend 24 hours of training from the Ohio Department of Public Safety or another DPS approved curriculum.  The training must cover all these items
    • (a) Mitigation techniques
    • (b) Communications capabilities and coordination and collaboration techniques
    • (c) Neutralization of potential threats and active shooters
    • (d) Accountability
    • (e) Reunification
    • (f) Psychology of critical incidents
    • (g) De-escalation techniques
    • (h) Crisis intervention
    • (i) Trauma and first aid care
    • (j) The history and pattern of school shootings
    • (k) Tactics of responding to critical incidents in schools
    • (l) At least four hours of training in scenario-based or simulated training exercises
    • (m) Completion of tactical live firearms training
    • (n) Realistic urban training

  • If the initial 24 hours of training occurred more then 12 months ago
    • Authorized person must attend a 8 hour requalification class

  • The board or governing body has notified the public, by whatever means the affected school regularly communicates with the public, that the board or governing body has authorized one or more persons to go armed within a school operated by the board or governing authority.

  • A district board or school governing body that authorizes a person under division (D)(1)(d) of this section shall require that person to submit to an annual criminal records check

  • Each school district board of education or governing body of a school shall provide to the school safety and crisis center a current list of the qualified personnel authorized to convey deadly weapons or dangerous ordnance into a school safety zone under the control of the district board or governing body who have completed training under this section. (The list is not a public record under section 149.43 of the Revised Code)

  • The board or governing body of the school that authorizes an individual to convey deadly weapons or dangerous ordnance into a school safety zone, under division (D)(1)(d) of section 2923.122 of the Revised Code, shall pay all fees for the training described in divisions (B) and (C)(1) of this section that the individual receives.

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