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School “Active Killer” Training Offered to Ohio Law Enforcement

by Chad Baus

2:24PM Tuesday, April 19 2016

COLUMBUS, OH – The Buckeye Firearms Foundation has announced its first Law Enforcement only “active killer” training class to be held on June 25 and 26, 2016, hosted by a west central Ohio school district.

The additional of this new class highlights the significant growth of the FASTER Saves Lives program just since the start of 2016. This training is being offered at no cost to any law enforcement officer, school resource officer, sheriff or other first responder who wants to attend.

“If an active killer event occurs in a school, business or church, the one thing we know for certain is that police response is coming. We are offering this entire weekend of training to give these outside first responders access to the best training available.” said Brad Birchfield, FASTER Program Director.

“Many law enforcement departments simply cannot afford to provide specific active killer training to a large part of their officers. The Buckeye Firearms Foundation wants to make sure that any officer who wants this training has the opportunity to get it.”

This weekend-long training event will be conducted by John Benner’s instructors from Tactical Defense Institute, based in West Union, Ohio. The training will cover details on the history of past active killer events; tactics for effectively, quickly and safely stopping active killers; emergency trauma self-care and buddy-care; and hours of force-on-force decision-making practice in a school environment.

Interested first responders should email or phone FASTER Program Director Joe Eaton to reserve their spot in this training class. Email: or Phone: 513-267-6088.

The FASTER Saves Lives program ended 2015 having trained more than 450 school teachers and administrators from over 150 Ohio districts in just 3 years. Less than three months into 2016, demand for this training has been so intense, the Buckeye Firearms Foundation has been forced to grow the program and budget by 60%.

FASTER Saves Lives now has six Level 1 classes and one Level 2 class scheduled for 2016 with four of these six classes already filled.

FASTER Program Director Joe Eaton said, “We are seeing entire counties getting involved in this program. In February, we had one Ohio sheriff department inform us they have four additional school districts from their county who are authorizing staff to carry in their school and need to start the FASTER training program.”

Before the end of 2016, this program will have trained almost 700 school staff from over 7 different states. In 2016, FASTER has school personnel traveling from as far away as Oklahoma to participate.

Any school or police department wanting to ensure a place in any of the 2016 classes needs to act now before all the current spots are filled. More information is available at

Buckeye Firearms Foundation (501c3) president Jim Irvine introduces the Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response (FASTER) Program

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If you are a school employee, you can apply for FASTER training by completing our questionnaire.


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