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The Unconventional First Responder: The Ins and Outs of Arming Educators

Detective Jenny Schiff will be presenting at the National School Safety Conference and Exhibition hosted by the School Safety Advocacy Council. The conference runs July 23 – 27, 2018 at the Omni Champions Gate Resort & Spa in Orlando, Florida

From their brochure:

The 2018 National School Safety Conference and Exposition is the largest and most comprehensive conference focused on all the aspects of school safety and security. The conference is the only one in the world focused on school and student safety from Kindergarten through college. Centered on national best practices and proven localized programs and efforts, this conference brings together the most knowledgeable and internationally renowned keynote presenters into one forum to provide the highest quality professional development possible in one conference. In addition to our exceptional keynote presenters, you will be able to take advantage of complimentary pre-conference trainings and over 40 breakout sessions by current professionals in the fields of education and school safety addressing the most pressing issues facing our schools today.

Session Description:

Addressing this controversial topic, Det. Schiff presents a little of the history and more importantly current information about our nation's recent debate about arming educators as one solution to stopping school attacks quickly.  She will examine with participants the pros and cons of this approach, as well as detailing model policies and training currently available to prepare educators who are serving in this role in their districts.  Her presentation includes comprehensive, immediately useful resources for you if your district is implementing this strategy.  Det. Schiff's passion is helping law enforcement and educators work together to prevent the tragedies happening all too often in our schools, a goal which she hopes to further with this session.

Detective Jenny Schiff is a certified LEO instructor and a teacher.  She studies school attacks and has trained in active shooter response in schools – including arming teachers.  Sharing her unique combination of policing and teaching, she regularly presents at national school safety conferences.

Det. Schiff is sure to have one of the most talked about presentations at the conference. Her presentation is Thursday at 4:00 pm in National Ballroom D. She has the unique perspective of both a police officer and a school teacher.

If you are an educator or a law enforcement professional, this looks like a great conference. With a renewed interest in school safety, this conference should be a must attend event for your school and police leaders.

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